Trading names are being removed from ABN Lookup

From November 2018, all trading names listed against ABN's will be removed from the ABR website, only registered business names will be displayed. What does this mean for you? If you operate under a different name to your legal/entity name, you will need to ensure that your business name is REGISTERED with the Australian Securities…
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Spinell Group’s Biggest Morning Tea

Following the success of our fundraiser last year, we are again taking part in Australia's Biggest Morning tea and would love you to come along. You'll be helping us raise money for the Cancer Council, which will go towards helping to achieve our vision of a cancer free future. This event is a community fundraiser…
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Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a ATO compliance regulation which is soon to be implemented. Are you ready for the changes? Download our information pack on the link below: Single Touch Payroll Information Pack
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Scams targeting ASIC customers

Attached is an email for a business name renewal recently received into our office. The email does look very much like a legitimate ASIC email, but there were a few giveaways that it was spam: 1. A legitimate ASIC email will be from an email address that ends in 2. An ASIC email will…
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