Important Dates

​The following dates are the lodgement dates when using a registered tax agent.

These are a general guide only, please contact us to confirm your due dates.

Self lodgers should check with the Tax Office for due dates.

                                                    Instalment Activity                             Business Activity

                                                    Statements (IAS)                                Statements (BAS)

​Qtr 1 (Jul-Sep)                                   28th October                                      25th November

​Qtr 2 (Oct-Dec)                                 28th February                                      28th February

​Qtr 3 (Jan-Mar)                                   28th April                                              25th May

​Qtr 4 (Apr-Jun)                                    28th July                                              25th August

​Annual                                                21st October

Income Tax Returns

28th February

New SMSF & Companies

31st March

Companies with income >$2m

15th May

all other SMSF & Companies

Individuals, Partnerships & Trusts


Compulsory Superannuation Guarantee

Qtr 1 (Jul-Sep)                           28th October

​Qtr 2 (Oct-Dec)                        28th January

​Qtr 3 (Jan-Mar)                          28th April

​Qtr 4 (Apr-Jun)                           28th July

Income Statements

To be finalised by employers and submitted via Single Touch Payroll by the 14th of July

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