Fair Work Ombudsman Conducts Payslip Audit

The Fair Work Ombudsman will be conducting surprise audits of Korean fried chicken franchise Gami Chicken and Beer. Inspectors will audit 19 stores across Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to ensure that they are complying with payslips obligations.

The audit was launched after over 20 enquiries and reports from employees were received regarding failure to provide payslips, underpayments and not paying penalty rates.

If Fair Work finds that Gami Chicken and Beer have not been meeting their payslips obligations and/or underpaying their staff they will be required to backpay the underpayments and face hefty penalties.

It is important for employers to know what their payslip obligations are, along with keeping up to date on the details of their relevant award and pay rates.

If you need assistance or further information regarding your payroll obligations, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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