Important Dates

​The following dates are the lodgement dates when using a registered tax agent.

These are a general guide only, please contact us to confirm your due dates.

Self lodgers should check with the Tax Office for due dates.

                                                    Instalment Activity                             Business Activity

                                                    Statements (IAS)                                Statements (BAS)

​Qtr 1 (Jul-Sep)                                   28th October                                      25th November

​Qtr 2 (Oct-Dec)                                 28th February                                      28th February

​Qtr 3 (Jan-Mar)                                   28th April                                              25th May

​Qtr 4 (Apr-Jun)                                    28th July                                              25th August

​Annual                                                21st October

Income Tax Returns

28th February

New SMSF & Companies

31st March

Companies with income >$2m

15th May

all other SMSF & Companies

Individuals, Partnerships & Trusts


Compulsory Superannuation Guarantee

Qtr 1 (Jul-Sep)                           28th October

​Qtr 2 (Oct-Dec)                        28th January

​Qtr 3 (Jan-Mar)                          28th April

​Qtr 4 (Apr-Jun)                           28th July

Income Statements

To be finalised by employers with 20 or more employees by the 14th of July

To be finalised by employers with 19 or less employees by the 31st of July

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Payment Summary

Individual Payment Summaries to be given to employees: 14th July

Annual Payment Statement to be given to ATO: 30th September

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