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Taxable Payments Annual Report

Are you a business in the Building & Construction industry and have you made payments to subcontractors in the 2017 financial year? If yes, you may be required to lodge an Taxable Payments Annual Report to the ATO. Lodgement of the Taxable Payments Annual Report is due by the 28th of August, 2017. If you require…
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When did you last review your home loan?

When did you last review your home loan? We recently had a client attend our office who had refinanced her home loan only three years ago. She was signed up on a really great rate(3.75%) and hadn’t realised the bank had been slowing increasing her interest rate over that time (up to 4.5%). She was…
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Extended opening hours

Over tax time, we have extended our business trading hours to allow greater flexibility for appointments. Our opening hours from 1st July - 30th September 2017 are: Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm Saturday 12pm - 4pm (by appointment only) Please book an appointment by calling our office on 03 5229 1290.  
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Tax Planning Tip #8

For business clients, review your Accounts Receivable and write off your unrecoverable debtors as bad debts. As our tips can only be general in nature, they may not be applicable to everyone. For a personalised tax plan strategy please contact our office on 03 5229 1290 for an appointment.
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