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Any Uber drivers out there?

The ATO are cracking down on Uber drivers (and other ride-sharing services) to ensure that they comply with their obligations. Uber drivers must: > have a valid ABN > register for GST (regardless of how much they earn) > lodge Business Activity Statements > Pay GST on the full fare > Only claim GST credits…
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Is your income below the tax-free threshold?

Is your income under the tax-free threshold? Even if it is, there are certain circumstances where you will still be required to lodge a return. Read more in the attached article.
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Claiming Self Education Expenses as a Tax Deduction

Did you know if you work and study at the same time and incur self-education expenses, you may be able to claim those expenses as a tax deduction? To be eligible to claim your current employment and the course you undertake must have a "sufficient connection" and you must satisfy at least one of these…
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Protecting yourself from Scams

The ATO have recently released a "Scam Alerts Page"
To help protect yourself, it is worthwhile to make yourself and your loved ones aware of common scams going around. Check out the link below.
It is also important to be vigilant of any emails/letters/phone calls from ANY organisation or person that requests your personal details or demands you make payment to them.
Ask yourself, why do they need these details? Why do I owe money I wasn’t aware of owing? Why am I entitled to a “refund” I had no idea I was entitled to? If alarm bells ring – don’t provide the information, look up the organisations phone number and call them directly to clarify.

ATO Scam Alert Page

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