Please be aware that while we are able to access some of your information directly from the ATO tax agents portal, it is dependent on the third party provider having your TFN and submitting this information to the ATO. If you plan on having your tax completed in July or August please ensure that you can bring the information with you or that we are able to access it prior to booking your appointment.

We have been advised of the following:

Income Statements (formerly known as PAYG Summaries)

  • Most employers have until 14 July 2021 to finalise their income statements. Some employers have until 31 July.*

*you may be required to amend you taxation return if you lodge your taxation return prior to your employer finalising your income statement. Our fee for amended tax returns begin at $75. We suggest you wait until your income statement is finalised before having your tax return prepared.

Private Health Insurance Statements

  • Health funds are no longer required to issue these to their clients. They are usually available on the tax agents portal around mid-August

Share Dividends

  • Is dependent on the issuer having your TFN. Some information is not available to Aug/Sep

Bank Interest

  • Is dependent on the bank having your TFN

Managed Fund Investments Annual Tax Statements:

  • Usually not available until September

It is best practice to bring this information with you regardless, so the information that has been reported can be verified.

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