Accessing your Income Statement

We have had some enquiries from clients in regards to setting up a MyGov account.
Many employers are informing their staff that they require a MyGov account to access their Income Statement (previously known as PAYG Summary)
Please note that if you are a client of Spinell Group we are able to access this information directly from the ATO, therefore you do not need a MyGov account if you don't wish to have one.
It is important that you ensure that your income statement has bee...n finalised by your employer and marked as 'tax ready' (employers have until 31st of July to do this). If you lodge your taxation return before your income statement has been finalised you may be required to lodge an amendment.
If you have all your information required to complete your tax return please call us on (03) 5229 1290 or click below to book your appointment.


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